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Things You Need to Know Before PCSing to Hawaii

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Are you prepared to move to Hawaii and embrace the Aloha spirit? Most people dream about PCSing to Hawaii, and the majority of them are those individuals who have visited the Aloha State and have witnessed how wonderful the place is. However, before you decide to buy your tickets and quit your job, you should first check the following things that you have to know before finally moving to Aloha State. 

It’s difficult to move with pets 

Hawaii’s government carefully guards the ecosystem of the state from the potential threats outside, such as pets carrying diseases, non-native animals, and invasive plant species. So, if you are looking to move to Aloha State with your pet, make sure to prepare a costly and lengthy screening and quarantine process.  

The sunsets are breathtaking 

In Hawaii, you get to see magnificent sunsets every day for free. Hawaii sunsets are considered one of the best everyday sources of entertainment in the area. With that, you can fill up your Instagram with breathtaking sunsets that will persuade your friends living on the mainland to visit you in Hawaii. 

You are surrounded by wildlife 

If you love nature, perhaps you will feel at home in the Aloha State. Tropical fish, turtles, whales, and birds can all be found in Hawaii and you can get into the mountains or on the water to search for wildlife. However, you don’t have to head out your way just to see wildlife in Hawaii because chances are you’ll be able to see birds in your backyard or on the trees that you have never seen before or drive past turtles as you drive to your office.  

High cost of living 

Did you know that living in Hawaii can be costly? That can apply to housing costs and even the food in grocery stores. All things that are needed to be flown or shipped to the islands also cost a lot. Moreover, the Aloha State is high as well and the income tax rates of Hawaii are one of the highest in the United States. Plus, the state also mandates estate tax.  

The dress code is casual 

Similar to areas with warm climates, Hawaiians mostly wear casually. You won’t probably be using formal gowns or neckties in this place. Even the office personnel and major businesses are usually working in Hawaiian shirts. Even though Hawaii is a diverse state, Hawaiian share the same preference when it comes to wearing comfortable and casual clothing.  

It’s easy to do island-hopping in Aloha State 

Regardless of which island you want to call home in Hawaii, you can surely hop from one island to another easily and quickly. After you move to Hawaii, it would be best if you discover and visit all the islands. You can ask your friends, relatives, co-workers, or even neighbors for their tips on when’s the best time to visit every island and how to get cheap tickets to experience every island.  

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